I have six months to live, so..

I used to really approach life with, “I have six months to live, so . . . what do I want to get done before I die?” 

Over the years, I would periodically wake up, and remind myself I could be dead in six months and ask myself, “What do I really want to get done today?” And after I set the six month “timer,”  every day, I’d pretend to count down 5 months and 29 days, 5 months and 28 days, etc. toward that “deadline,” and use that paradigm to help me organize my daily tasks.  

Read on to learn how I learn to respect my energy

It is important to face life . . . to look at the passage of your life and realize it has natural, human constraints of time and energy that needs to be respected.

I’ve taken this approach often, because I’d just like to arrive at the end of my life having lived my life . . . not having lived how others dictated I should. And to also experience all that this life has to offer me. 

It’s a kind of mentality that you can use to help you prioritize, and to also help you realize that you can help others when and where and how you desire, but you still have your own life to live. 

And you can do this on a daily basis. You can get up every day and say, okay, I might die tonight in my bed. Well, what is it I want to get done today? How do I want to leave something behind, of me, while still sort of just absorbing the beauty and truth of this new day. And you can take steps to make sure you fit some of you and what raises your spirit, into your day.

This process helps you to disengage from mindless living and re-engage with the precious time you have here on earth, so that you pitch in with the Greater Good. . . you help leave the world a better place, and you don’t get sucked into your “should dos,” and do them all day and all night, day after day after day.

This way you won’t wake up weeks, months, or years later, wishing you had done more of what brought you joy.

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