Those are our “anything buts”.

Live as if everything is a miracle...

More than enough is your full share of the greater good. Like that sunset point, a finish line, a supreme satiation from you doing your job, your joy, your open heartedness and your best, with the dreams that your Greater Power System planted in you.

We all get planted dreams. Those seeds get planted in us as children and grow in us as adults. Some of us go with the flow of that unrelenting desire that wants to grow and finish those dreams within us.

Some of us spend our entire lives trying to shut them up, cut them down, bulldoze them over with what I call “anything buts.”

 As in: “I can do anything but that.” “There’s no way I’m going after this – anything but this.” “I will never be able to achieve X, anything but X.” Give me any possibility, but that possibility.

Those are our "anything buts"

To navigate the dreams that your Greater Power System planted in you, you have two choices:

You can live as if everything is a miracle and allow those dreams to manifest in you, or you can live as if nothing is a miracle and spend a ridiculous amount of time and energy weeding those dreams out of the realm of your possibilities and enduring your deepest hungers as they go unfed.

There’s only so much setting down, or letting go that a human can do before the lack of full satiation turns into chronic hunger from missing full meals of what’s most important to you in your life.

Your particular dreams have to be paid attention to, empowered, and regularly satiated . . . so you don’t go through life dreaming of eating pizza, and only eating mac and cheese. You have to empower yourself with that connection to your Greater Power System that helps you to transcend what’s “impossible.”

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