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Come join me for a new ONE-NIGHT course, Living the Dream.  These ONE-NIGHT courses will be held from 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m via zoom.
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Anne Sirois grew up in a family full of entrepreneurs,
independent creatives and talented guides. She joined the ranks of her family business of both women and men, with her entrepreneurial drive that was launched with the learning of bookkeeping at the age of 11, for the family lumberyard

Along with logging in 100’s of thousands of miles on the f
amily minivans for her two children’s extensive activities, Anne has also juggled years of business and creative development/management, with homeschooling the hearts and minds of both her children from elementary school through high school, who are now successful, higher educated, prosperous entrepreneurs, themselves.

" Writing for a deeper truth and understanding
has to originate from where you want to go,
not where someone else dictates.
It has to be about you and where you are growing. "



I like how you teach me a different perspective on how to deal with life’s challenges-things that show you a different mindset- Thanks!

I have been a member for around 3 months now and have learned so much. Next, is to do more actual journaling, versus just learning. It too, will come though . . .  I recommend you tell your friends.


If you’re on the fence about joining one of Anne’s classes, JUMP! I’ve been journaling for years, but I learned so much in just four short weeks. Amazing! It’s a whole different slant on journaling.

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